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Data sheet
Size0 cm
Weight0 gr
Quantity100 units
Baked temperature180 - 190º C
Baked time10 - 12 min
Defrosting time20 - 30 min
Disposition in Palé6 x 7
Fermentation time0 - 0 min
An adult reference intake8400Kj/2000Kcal
Energetic value0/0
Dietary fiber0,00 gr
Salt0,00 gr
Sugars0,00 gr
Proteins0,00 gr
Carbohydrates0,00 gr
Fats0,00 gr
Monosaturated fatty acids0,00 gr
Polysaturated fatty acids0,00 gr
Omega 30,00 gr

Rustic mini beer (wheat flour (GLUTEN), water, beer (8.2%) (water, barley malt (GLUTEN), corn grits, hops), whole rye flour (GLUTEN), salt, yeast, emulsifier (E-472e)). Mini Diamond Flaxseed (wheat flour (GLUTEN), water, toasted hazelnut (5.2%) (NUTS), flaxseed mixture (4.3%) (flaxseed, brown flaxseed), salt, yeast, emulsifier (E-472e)). Apricot and Nut Bagel Countryside (wheat flour (GLUTEN), water, dried apricots (7.3%), (apricots, preservative (E-220)), walnut (7.3%) (NUTS), salt, yeast, roasted malt flour (GLUTEN), emulsifier (E-472e). SULFITES contain). Countryside of Olives Bagel (wheat flour (GLUTEN), water, Kalamata olives (7.1%) (kalamata olives, water, salt, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil), nuts (NUTS), olive (2.1%), salt, yeast, malt flour toast (GLUTEN), emulsifier (E-472e)). * May occasionally contain pieces of walnut shells and olive stones.

Premium Assortment

REF. 62700

Box 100 units

Contains 25 pieces of each of the following Gourmet Rolls: Olive Tapas Bread, Walnut &amp , Apricot Tapas Bread, Mini Hazelnut &amp , Linseed Diamond and Mini Beer Flute.

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