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Data sheet
Size25 cm
Weight425 gr
Quantity17 units
Baked temperature170 - 180º C
Baked time35 - 45 min
Defrosting time25 - 30 min
Disposition in Palé4 x 7
Fermentation time0 - 0 min
An adult reference intake8400Kj/2000Kcal
Energetic value1182/279
Dietary fiber4,50 gr
Salt1,17 gr
Sugars1,68 gr
Proteins9,51 gr
Carbohydrates52,76 gr
Fats2,36 gr
Monosaturated fatty acids0,76 gr
Polysaturated fatty acids0,99 gr
Omega 30,00 gr

WHEAT flour, water, RYE grain 7,8%, RYE flour 7,6%, WHEAT sourdough 4%(fermented WHEAT flour, water), yeast, seeds (chia, millet, golden flaxseed), inactive RYE sourdough 1.3% (fermented RYE flour), salt, tef f seed, BARLEY malt.

Loaf Gran Reserva Sprouted Rye (17u)

REF. 63314

Box 17 units

We prepare this unique loaf with flourrye, rye seed floursprouted, wheat flour and sourdoughbeer, and we covered it with a crisp shower ofmillet, teff, linseed and chia seeds so that yourunmatched recipe jump out at the sight.Sprouted rye flour is the resultof a laborious process in which they germinateand ferment the seeds to grind the grainwhole.It is richer in fiber and nutrients, low in fatand provides better digestibility and interestingsweet undertones.