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Data sheet
Size19 cm
Weight400 gr
Quantity6 units
Baked temperature0 - 0º C
Baked time0 - 0 min
Defrosting time60 - 0 min
Disposition in Palé12 x 8
Fermentation time0 - 0 min
An adult reference intake8400Kj/2000Kcal
Energetic value1314/312
Dietary fiber4,80 gr
Salt1,00 gr
Sugars2,30 gr
Proteins11,60 gr
Carbohydrates46,10 gr
Fats8,00 gr
Monosaturated fatty acids0,00 gr
Polysaturated fatty acids0,00 gr
Omega 30,00 gr

WHEAT flour, water, OAT flakes (5,9%), brown flax seeds (4%), dehydrated WHEAT and RYE sourdough, yeast, olive oil, sunflower seeds (2%), SESAME seeds (2%), millet (1,8%), quinoa (1,5%), WHEAT gluten, sugar, golden flax seeds (1%), salt, buckwheat flour (0,9%), seeds pumpkin (0,5%) and malted BARLEY flour (0,1%).

Pan Molde Cere/Semill Reb (6u)

REF. 65541

Box 6 units