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Data sheet
Size0 cm
Weight700 gr
Quantity6 units
Baked temperature0 - 0º C
Baked time0 - 0 min
Defrosting time0 - 0 min
Disposition in Palé10 x 11
Fermentation time0 - 0 min
An adult reference intake8400Kj/2000Kcal
Energetic value836/201
Dietary fiber0,60 gr
Salt1,40 gr
Sugars1,40 gr
Proteins16,00 gr
Carbohydrates2,40 gr
Fats14,00 gr
Monosaturated fatty acids0,00 gr
Polysaturated fatty acids0,00 gr
Omega 30,00 gr

Pulled Cochinita Pibil (6u)

REF. 66875

Box 6 units

A typical dish from the region of Yucatan, in Mexico, which consists in marinated pork shank for 6 h in a mixture of juice of sour orange, achiote, cumin, garlic and other spices, and then cooked slowly until you get theseamless texture.