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Data sheet
Size20 cm
Weight105 gr
Quantity30 units
Baked temperature0 - 0º C
Baked time0 - 0 min
Defrosting time0 - 40 min
Disposition in Palé4 x 14
Fermentation time0 - 0 min
An adult reference intake8400Kj/2000Kcal
Energetic value967/228
Dietary fiber1,43 gr
Salt1,07 gr
Sugars0,71 gr
Proteins7,16 gr
Carbohydrates43,99 gr
Fats2,32 gr
Monosaturated fatty acids0,54 gr
Polysaturated fatty acids1,11 gr
Omega 30,00 gr

WHEAT flour, water, yeast, vegetable oil (sunflower), salt, wholemea l WHEAT flour.

Lepie (30u)

REF. 83221

Box 30 units

The delicious Lepie arrives to complete ourinnovative family of Flat Breads. A range of breadsplans originating from the Middle East perfect fordip, fill or prepare all kinds of sandwiches.The secret? Its preparation process. We prepare thedough only with the essential ingredients: flour,water, oil, salt and yeast, and we bake it in astone with flames of more than 400 degrees. The resultIt is a bread with 85% hydration, very light, withan exquisite golden crust and very frecklescharacteristics resulting from cooking.Like the other breads in the Flat Bread family, itWe present ready to prepare and serve.